Instagram Reel & TikTok Video Creation

Instagram has leveled up and is joining the world of video content. The platform is now pushing reels over static photo content and is urging its users to transition to short-form video content. Our WB Media team works with clients to elevate their reel game by tailoring their videos to create concepts that align with their unique voice and brand vision. Our WB team have an in-depth understanding of the ins and outs of the platform and work with our clients to ensure that their reels are professionally produced and appeal to existing and potential audiences. With Reels becoming Instagram’s fastest growing feature worldwide, we aim to educate our clients on the power these platforms hold in growing their clientele and making a stance amongst the Sydney food scene.


Since WB Media have launched Ruby's socials, we saw the followers increase in large numbers fast and post engagement has been really good so far...We believe that WB Media's work on the socials and their content creation is everything we envisioned for Ruby's and more...they have exceeded our expectations." Ruby’s Fried Chicken.

Kat & Gee Ozgen,

Founder of Ruby’s Fried Chicken.

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